ComingWorldRememberMe nominated for British award


“Coming World Remember Me” is a project running in a workshop in Ypres. It will be huge land art installation, a bit like the Tower of London Poppies.

Thousands of people will take part by moulding 600,000 clay sculptures to represent those who lost their lives in Belgium during the First World War. The project’s four main goals are to remember, to help, to reflect and to connect – as well as creating a respectful artistic memory for the victims of the Great War.

Each sculpture is about the size of a large fist and is in the shape of a crouched person. Each one will be identified by a dog-tag with the name of one of the victims – plus the name of the person who created it. In this way, different generations and nationalities will be united in the commemoration. There are also mobile workshops visiting schools and associations.

In April 2018, as the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War approaches, the installation will be laid in the former no-man’s land around Ypres. Creating your sculpture costs 5 Euros, monies go to charitable projects and to help children currently trapped in war situations.