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The sculptures made in all of our workshops are centralized in our warehouse in Newport. Here they are left to dry for a few weeks, after which Wienerberger collects them to transport them to their factory near Courtrai. Upon arrival the sculptures are first put in baskets which are and then placed in a drying oven. After this process, they move to one of the ovens where they are baked at a temperature of nearly 1000°C. As soon as they have cooled down, the sculptures are then immersed in bath with silicone. They than get transported back to the warehouse in Newport, where they remain until the implementation of the land art installation in 2018.

The warehouse can be visited on request in combination with a CWRM-workshop. As this is not always possible for practical and logistical reasons, we have also provided pictures of the warehouse and the entire production process of sculptures in our workshop in Newport. Furthermore you can also see a simulation here of the land art installation. For this simulation we used almost 10,000 baked sculptures surrounding the work Carries by Generations by Koen Vanmechelen.