• CWRM uitzicht

A transparent work of art by artist Koen Vanmechelen placed inside the paviljon offers a place to all 600.000 dog tags.

paviljoen CWRM

The transparent work of art with the dog tags will be positioned in the pavilion at the start of the walking route that leads around the land-art installation. In a very literal way, it unites different nationalities and different generations in common remembrance. The combined engagement of all the people involved in the project transforms the land-art installation into a symbol of peace that transcends both time and geographical borders.



From April 2018 until the end of the year, you will be able to combine your visit to the pavilion with a walk that also starts from there. At various rest points along the route you can listen to war poetry. The walk ends at a viewing platform that offers a breath-taking panorama over the impressive land-art installation.

CWRM de wandeling