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Everyone can become an ambassador of our project. An ambassador engages himself to help us spread the vision and mission of the project. For a contribution of €50,- you become a special godfather or godmother of the project and you can take a sculpture home with you in a personalised wooden box. As an ambassador you engage to come and help us during a day or half a day to build up the land art installation in March-April 2018 in Ypers. At that time you can give ‘your’ sculpture out of the box its place amongst the 599.999 other sculptures in the land art installation.

There are different possibilities:

Individual ambassadors

You commit to spreading the vision and mission of the project and thus finding more godfathers and godmothers. In March-April 2018 you come and help us build ip the land art installation in Ypers.



You commit to joining the project with 3 generations of your family and thus spreading the main goals of  CWRM: remembering – helping – reflecting – connecting.

You and your family join a workshop and afterwards take the personalised wooden box with sculpture home with you. The whole family will then come and help build up the installation during half a day in March-April 2018. A meaningful commitment for grandparents, parents and (grand)children.



Associations, institutions, schools and companies can become community-ambassadors. By bringing a mobile workshop to your neighbourhood you get engaged in the project in a broader sense. In Marc-April 2018 the group then comes and help us build up the installation during one day or half a day.


Every year all our ambassadors are invited to a VIP-workshopday.

For more information you can contact us by mail: