The Cosmogolem

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The CosmoGolem is a gigantic wooden anthropoid sculpture created by the Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen. The giant of approximately four meters high wants to be a symbol of hope and evolution all across the world. The CosmoGolem is empty and in its shuttered heart people can deposit their dreams and wishes. By travelling around the world carrying all these dreams and wishes, the statue stimulates cultural diversity and bridges the gap between cultures. The CosmoGolem wants to draw attention to the importance of universal human rights and specifically to universal children’s rights. It fuels cross-border communication and creates mutual ‘cosmopolitan’ understanding. By moving around the planet, the CosmoGolem will urge people to get involved.

The CosmoGolem is always looking for places to stop and give hope to people in despair. Right now 31 Golems have already found a home. They are spread over the Netherlands, India, Pakistan, Tanzania, Poland, Chili, Zimbabwe and Belgium. More and more international and local organizations are eager to become part of the CosmoGolem project.

Eventually it’s the dream of Koen Vanmechelen and everyone who works on this project to have CosmoGolems spread all over the world. This way, minority groups and children’s rights get an identity and their very own powerful symbol. And communities get strengthened in their identity.

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