EXPO 600.000 SCULPTURES - 600.000 NAMES

  • CWRM palingbeek

ComingWorldRememberMe reminds us of the futility of war: yesterday, today and tomorrow

The combined engagement of all the people involved in the project transforms the land-art installation into a symbol of peace that transcends both time and geographical borders. During your visit to the Palingbeek provincial park, make sure you also experience the impressive land-art installation ComingWorldRememberMe. From April 2018, this installation will cover no-man's land and the Bluff, one of the most heavily fought over locations during the First World War. The total area of the installation is 3 hectares. A large part of this space will be occupied by 600,000 small statues, each statue representing a victim of the First World War in Belgium. The statues will be positioned between two large works of art by artist Koen Vanmechelen.