Permanent Workshops

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Groups can book a permanent workshop in Newport (Bommenvrij) or Ypres (Kazemat 5).
A workshop starts with some background information on the project. Then we move on to the actual creating of the sculptures. We finish with a moment of reflection. All the workshops can be joined from the age of 5 on. Younger kids are also allowed to participate, but they need more individual guiding by an adult.


For these workshops you can enrol on weekdays with groups of maximum 40 persons (Ypres) and maximum 60 persons (Nieuwpoort). A workshop takes about 1,5 hours and costs 5 euro per person. Every participant becomes the godfather or godmother of a statue. 

Both workshops are also open for the public from Tuesday to Saturday between 1:30pm and 6:00 pm. As a visitor you get background information on the vision and mission of the project and the volunteer present in the workshop helps you to create your own sculpture.

The workshop in Newport also has an exposition space which has a simulation of the eventual land art installation on display.

Until the end of October 2016 everyone who becomes godfather or godmother of CWRM can visit the expo ‘Human - United for a GoodPlanet’ with work of photographers Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Dieter Telemans. From the end of October 2016 until Januari 2017 we bring the photography exposition 'Where the Children Sleep' by Magnus Wennman.

In Newport there is also a catering area. Mail us to find out about the possibilities to combine a workshop with one of our catering options.

information and reservations:

Ypres: Kazemat 5, Bollingstraat

Newport: Het Bommenvrij, Schoolstraat 48