• vuurkorf-kernwoorden

Remembering, helping, reflecting and connecting: those are the four main goals of ComingWorldRememberMe. By organizing thousands of (inter)national CWRM-workshops, the non-profit organizations Kunst and Combat want to bring people together to reflect open-mindedly on the core themes of the project.

With our land art installation we not only want to create a respectful artistic memory for the victims of the Great War. The worldwide participation of hundreds of thousands of godfathers and godmothers will also help children who are currently trapped in war situations. This support will be provided by both the North-South solidarity action of the provincial administration of West Flanders and ‘The Cosmogolem Foundation’ of artist Koen Vanmechelen. The CosmoGolem particularily stands for the active comfort we wish to bring with CWRM.

Thanks to the commitment of all these participants the past, the present and the future will become connected and ComingWorldRememberMe will eventually turn into a cross-border and cross-generational symbol of peace.