Visit the land art installation

From Friday 30th of March the land art installation is open for the public. All information to plan your visit can be found on this website under ‘plan your visit’.


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CWRM during the Christmas holidays

During the Christmas holidays our workshops in Ypres and Newport are open during the regular opening times. You are welcome to come and create a sculpture there from Tuesday to Saturday between 1:30pm and 6pm.
Like each year, we offer our participants in Newport and Ypres free coffee, tea and chocolate milk. 

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a sparkling start of the new year!

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CWRM-certificates as Christmas gift

Still looking for that perfect Christmas gift? You can order CWRM-certificates online and find them in your letterbox a few days later. For only €5 you give someone a moving experience, make them part of our land art installation and at the same time make a donation to one of the two charity organizations we support. (www.cwrm.be/en/get-involved)


We are really happy with this video commissioned by Visit Flanders to promote a visit to Flanders Fields 14-18 and in particular to our land art installation ComingWorldRememberMe. We feel the video made by Antica productions captures the serenity of our project and the commemoration very well. We ourselves are excited about seeing the end result at the end of March 2018 in provincial domain De Palingbeek!

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Come join our project at the workshop in the Citadel of Halifax

We'll be there until next Saturday. Free entrance between 10am and 4pm. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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552.000 sculptures have been created

Up to today 552.000 sculptures have been created for our land art installation. Over the coming months our mobile workplaces will be travelling all over the country and we are even travelling to Canada soon.

For those who still want to create a sculpture: the workshops in Ypres and Newport are open until the end of March 2018.


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330.000 sculptures for CWRM

Today 330.000 sculptures are ready for the land art installation ComingWorldRememberMe. Over 120.000 people have alreay joined the project, creating their sculpture in one of the fixed or mobile workshops. Furthermore the past year a team has produced 210.000 sculptures in a semi-artificial way at the Pottelberg site of partner Wiernerberger.
We are confident that we will reach the set goal of 600.000 by March 2018, when we start implementing the installtion at provincial domain Palingbeek near Ypres. 
For those who are curious about the visual impact of the installation, we recommend a visit to our workshop in Newport, where 10.000 sculptures have been set out to create a first simulation of the installation.

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The start of a new year = time to hand out presents!

The first five visitors that become a CWRM-ambassador in our workshop in Newport receive a free copy of the book 'Where the Children Sleep' that accompanies the photo exhibition of Magnus Wennman which was to be seen at the workshop until last Saturday. The entire proceeds of the book are donated to the UNHCR.

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Opening hours Christmas holidays

During the Christmas holidays (from Saturday 24th 2016 to Saturday 7th January 2017) the workshop are opened from Tuesday to Saturdays, always between 1:30pm and 6pm. Only on Saturday 24th and Saturday 31st we close the doors at 5pm.

In the workshop at Newport you can also visit the photo-exhibition Where the Children Sleep by Magnus Wennman. During the entire holiday periode we offer the people who become a godfather or godmother in the workshop in Newport a free coffee, tea or hot chocolate and a slice of cake.

The entire CWRM-team wishes you all a very warm Christmas and a wonderful start of what hopefully will be a happy new year.

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Still looking for an original en meaningful present for Christmas or New Year?

On our website you can become a godfather or godmother online. The certificates are sent to you by post within two working days.

ComingWorldRememberMe nominated for British award



“Coming World Remember Me” is a project running in a workshop in Ypres. It will be huge land art installation, a bit like the Tower of London Poppies.

Thousands of people will take part by moulding 600,000 clay sculptures to represent those who lost their lives in Belgium during the First World War. The project’s four main goals are to remember, to help, to reflect and to connect – as well as creating a respectful artistic memory for the victims of the Great War.

Each sculpture is about the size of a large fist and is in the shape of a crouched person. Each one will be identified by a dog-tag with the name of one of the victims – plus the name of the person who created it. In this way, different generations and nationalities will be united in the commemoration. There are also mobile workshops visiting schools and associations.

In April 2018, as the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War approaches, the installation will be laid in the former no-man’s land around Ypres. Creating your sculpture costs 5 Euros, monies go to charitable projects and to help children currently trapped in war situations.

CWRM-week @ The British School of Brussels

For the students of The British School of Brussels the CWRM-week was a deeply reflective week that, in addition to over 800 new sculptures, also resulted in a lot of other outstanding student work. Like this impressive movie, a harsh but important reflection on the link between the past, the present and the future and our shared responsibilities.