Our vision

  • Jan Moeyaert en Koen Vanmechelen

600,000 names. One list.
The dead live on in the living.
A participatory land art installation to make us remember.
600,000 names depicted: the DNA of a community.
The history of the ‘Great War’:
frozen hope of stilled lives.
A search for answers to the big question which also wanders through the Westhoek: why war,
why this unbounded suffering?
Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Looking for a lost identity.
We are the others and the former.
Knowing oneself requires recollection and archaeology.
The present remains a mystery if we do not dig into the prehistory
of our own childhood, of the collective history
of our family, country and world.
In our extremely individual times it is more than a challenge
to save the old, major models and small stories from oblivion.
Remembering the reality behind the stories of
the ‘Great War’ is vital for the future
and our survival.

The T-Rex of the past is today’s chicken,
says science.
Today’s human was yesterday’s Plesiadapis.
The dinosaur egg is the metaphor of our history,
which does justice to the past and offers perspective on the future.
We break the shell, we search for the people’s stories,
we extract the stories’ DNA.
We are the others and the former.
Without acknowledging them, the world remains fiction.
Who remembers the individuals
of these lost war generations?
Who breaks the false mirror of history and digs
up the real stories of these forgotten people?
Our history is a fiercely meandering river without
solid banks, unpredictable.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Nothing is what it seems. Not even war.
Taking time. Reflecting. Discovering.
War is a dramatic derailment of the never-ending
battle of, in and between everything that lives.
Every living being comes into being unasked-for.
Is doomed to grow and decay.
Is meanwhile fighting for his/her identity.
Sometimes ripples on invisibly.
Derails from time to time.

Dialogue, comments, confrontation, reflection.
They opposed to us, I opposed to them, I opposed to me.
Slaving and slogging.
Modelling the road to follow.
Individual, family, group, kind, race, nationality.
Foreign or indigenous: insider or outsider?
Semen, egg and blood.
Mixing, conquering, mixing.
The need to remember.
The need to anchor.
Domestication. Rules and agreements.
The need to change.
Renewal and ageing. Crossing and fusing.
Transformation, growth, evolution.
Diversity. The gateway to elsewhere.
New things, new matter, new words, new life.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Nothing is permanent, except for change.
Continuing, continuous movement: history.
Cosmopolitan fight.
Searching for symbiosis and harmony.

The land art installation ‘ComingWorldRememberMe’
is a fusion and crossbreed of visions and ideas.
Koen Vanmechelen designs this land art installation
based on his work and vision.
His work and vision on art, science,
and society merge.
The making of is a long-term participatory project based
on communication, energy and solidarity.
The final installation is interpreted as a spiritual
A bath of tranquillity and reflection for participants and visitors.
War: unbridled wasted energy? Fighting for nothing?
The answer is in each of us.
The answer is in and around the participant.
Remembering, helping, reflecting and connecting.
It slumbers in our genes, it lies in its soul and it lingers between the trees.
The answer is life itself.
The dead live on in the living.
We are the others and the former.

Carried by generations.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Koen Vanmechelen – artist
Jan Moeyaert – curator