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From Friday 30th of March the land art installation is officially open for the public. The program for the opening weekend will be on the website at the start of March 2018. 

Entrance to the provincial park and the land-art installation is free. Individuals and groups are welcome from sunrise to sunset. Is your group arriving by bus? If so, it is advisable to reserve a parking space and time slot via

If you only want to walk up to the viewpoint, it is sufficient to book one timelost. If you would also like to walk aroung the installation and maybe even include the poetry route in your visit, it is required to book a timeslot of two hours.

The following timeslots can be booked:

9am - 10am         1pm - 2pm
10am - 11am       2pm - 3pm
11am - 12pm       3pm - 4pm
12pm - 1pm         4pm - 5pm

Remember to give other visitors the chance to admire the installation from the viewing platform, by limiting the time you spend on the platform on busy days.


Parking area, Palingbeekstraat 18, 8902 Zillebeke
The car park of the provincial park is easy to reach by car, bus and bike.

Parking, Vaartstraat 7, 8902 Zillebeke
Adjacent to this large parking area at the entrance to the park, you will find a cafeteria with public toilet facilities. There is also a bike rack and a limited number of parking spaces for buses. It is advisable to reserve a bus space in advance.

There is a second parking area at the visitors centre in the provincial park. From here, it is a 30-minute walk to reach the installation.

The walk around the installation takes place over grassed tracks, wooden walkways and hardened paths. This means that during wet weather part of the route can be muddy and slippery. The path leading directly to the viewing platform is hardened and therefore always easily accessible.

The part of the route where you can listen to war poetry involves climbing a flight of stairs. This means that wheelchair and buggy users will need to go back they way they came, once they arrive at these stairs. Regrettably, the nature of the ground makes it unfeasible to find an alternative solution.


Landart plan