• What does a CWRM-workshop look like?
  • Do I have to wear special clothing or bring something particular?
  • Are the workshops open for everyone?
  • What is the maximum capacity of the workshop?
  • Can I enroll individually to join a workshop?
  • How can I register for a workshop?
  • I want to organize a mobile workshop. What do I need to do?
  • How much do I pay to enter a workshop?
  • Can I volunteer to monitor some workshops?
  • Can companies also participate in CWRM?


  • How much does it cost to become a godfather or a godmother?
  • How can I become godfather or godmother?
  • What happens with my 5 euro?


  • Who chooses the charity organizations that are supported?
  • Can I choose the charity to which I want to donate my contribution?

The List of Names

  • How do the godmothers and godfathers get linked to a victim from the ‘Name List’?
  • Can I choose a victim of the ‘Name List’ to be linked with?

Land Art Installation

  • Can I help placing the sculptures in the final land art installation?
  • When can I go and watch the land art installation?
  • Will the installation in Domein De Palingbeek be a permanent one?

New Generation

  • Who designed the sculpture ‘New Generation’?
  • What does the sculpture ‘New Generation’ represent?
  • Can I purchase the sculpture ‘New Generation’?