De continuation

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When the story of ComingWorldRememberMe began, we intended to give the land art installation a permanent place on the no man’s land. The symbolism of the clay sculptures that would eventually perish in the soil where the clay partially came from and where 100 years ago so many people died, would complete the story for us.

Because of the nature of the location, it is only possible for the full land art installation to remain temporarily in the Palingbeek provincial park. Until today we still regret this decision, but it was not ours to make. Over the past two years we have been looking for respectful ways to remove the installation after the expo.

It was soon decided that we wanted as much sculptures as possible to return to those who were essential in their creation: the participants. At the end of 2018 all the godfathers and godmothers will get the chance to collect on or more sculptures. In this way, a lot of them will be spread over Flanders and will in so many places be a permanent memory of the  the engagement of the thousands of participants and of the 600,000 victims.

 Part of the remaining sculptures will be integrated in the design of a new playzone on the domain. As far as the remaining uncollected statues are concerned, the organizers are  seeking museum-related uses for them at different locations, both in Belgium and abroad.

However, a permanent place in no-man’s-land will be given to the 600,000 dog tags with the names of the victims and the makers of the statues. After the expo, they move from the glass work in the paviljon to the sculpture Remember Me. The dog tags will be visible through the glass breach in the bronze egg, bringing a permanent ode the 600,000 victims.